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New LJ [10 Oct 2005|07:12pm]
Add it, http://www.livejournal.com/users/hypocritafemina/

So, apparently i looked like Barbie today. [17 May 2005|03:38pm]
So I have both my French & Algebra II exams tomorrow.

Then Thursday i have my History exam, so i am considering leaving after 1st block, but i dont want to miss seeing ClairE & other peoplez for lyke, the last time unless i run into them during the summerrrr.

& friday, me and lindley are going to be really cool, and go to school

but no one can pick us up.
& go get food, and then to NBT for Comeback kid & Terror. if i am not mistaken.
psht heck yes. Sarahzz & Twinie & Lynard & hopefully OMFGOMFG Zach & i dont know if Jabroni is cominnn. but she is IN MY MOUTH.


& then on saturday there is a wedding & Mister Tendon Man, i think, is coming. omofmgfmo i hope!!
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[27 Apr 2005|06:04pm]
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[03 Apr 2005|12:07am]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i am going to be bleaching a two inch piece of hair in the front, within my bangs.
Then, dye it pink.
If you dont like it, i hope you laugh until i get the chance to rip your diaphram out of your abdomen.
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I just wanted to tell everyone something while i have the chance. [13 Feb 2005|06:43pm]

i just needed to say this.Collapse )

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[12 Feb 2005|01:44am]
Dway274: i see you are doing coke and steph is smoking   what about sarah
wowyouresocool: sarah is looking for her opium pipe..
Dway274: i guess that is better than crack.

   It's all about the Hood.Collapse )
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appreciate. and dont freakout you homophobs. [01 Feb 2005|07:06pm]

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